It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...

As we speak there are 5 weeks 39 days 12 hours 27 mins 40 seconds  to Christmas Day GMT.

Wow! Can you believe it? It weren't so long ago that we were stripping of in that wonderful sweltering heat called summer and now it's dark nights, woolly hats and hot chocolate by the fire.

Christmas is one my favourite times of the year...I love it. I've been gumming to put some sort of Christmas paraphernalia up for the last two weeks especially since I dragged my hubby to @john Lewis to prance around in their bauble shop - picking up anything sparkly (well green and turquoise to be precise) like I was a 12 year old child.

Indeed, his painstaking 20 mins came to end only after we mossied 'joyfully' to the till to purchase yet more green baubles - convincing him it was for his tree...yes he has his very own tree, an ingenious idea from me... a new tradition; one which he could live without but I couldn't do know....wherever would my baubles go?

My favourite:

Garish or gorgeous?... gorgeous me thinks.....but for those that oppose my truth I have those gorgeous @whitecompany little mountain house decorations

and these:

as well as other gloriously chic white and clear glass baubles for the proper tree!


*Last two pictures from the White Company.




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